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Tommy Hilfiger Gerry Espadrillas men, the new casual must-have for summer 2013


Summer is coming and we already think about the most beautiful footwear, but at the same time comfortable, to wear even on a nice beach vacation. One of the models most in vogue for some summer is just one of espadrillas men: iconic model of a comfortable shoe made ​​of canvas and straw.

A model, returned to fashion and become a real craze, one reason more for many brands to reintroduce a very personal version of it! (more…)

Rome International Tennis with Ford: cars, fashion bloggers and the amatriciana pasta at midnight


Rome International Tennis 2013:  a horde of unleashed fashion bloggers directed towards the Eternal City with Ford Italia, to live the most crazy 24h ever!

About two weeks ago on the occasion of the Rome International Tennis 2013, I was invited by Ford Italy to attend a few games that have allowed me to experience first hand – for the first time in my life! – The Great Tennis.


Les Misérables and Bang & Olufsen: a magical mix for an excellent sound

bang-and-olufsen-les-miserables-soung-amazing (2)

If you have already seen the cinematic masterpiece Les Misérables, you will remember that wonderful feeling that it left: an intensity that has stayed with you and a movie to always keep in yours own personal movie collection. It’s likely that, watch it again at home you won’t have the same feeling that you had at the movies, for obvious reasons of location and power of the devices that you usually have in the house… (more…)

Desigual launches the new provocative spot #falloalmattino (VIDEO)


La Vida es Chula“, which literally means “life is cool“, this is the claim signed Desigual always been a motto that drives us to live and interpret life (and everything that revolves around it, including fashion) with a free, carefree, fun and positive spirit.

For 2013, Desigual launches a new spot located within the campaign #falloalmattino, a provocative spot, sometimes irreverent and free. Desigual calls on all women: what is the first thing you do when you wake up? So here are four beautiful women who just wake up show us how to start their day. (more…)

Miss Vogue launch with Cara Delevingne for the june 2013 cover // All the looks!


It’s the British model Cara Delevingne – the super model that in a single season has racked up more covers worldwide, longed by fashion designers and magazines – to be the cover girl for the debut of Miss Vogue, scheduled for this June 2013 . Miss Vogue is nothing but the teen version of fashion magazine par excellence, VOGUE. For this fresh and young cover, Cara Delevingne posed for the lens of Angelo Pennetta and was dressed by the expert taste of Francesca Burns. (more…)

20 must have bags for Spring/Summer 2013


After shoes, they are the second delicious obsession of women, bags. Just like the shoes, you can never have enought of that and with the arrival of a new season – in this case the Spring / Summer 2013 – we immediately go in search of new “companions” to always keep with us. Dominated by bright and neon colors, iconic and personalized by catchy names, here the top 20 must-have bags, the trendiest IT-BAGS for this Spring/Summer 2013. (more…)

Bohemia Design presents the new Boho Pop Mini Bags in pastel colors


Do you know Bohemia Design? It is a British brand / shop who made ​​its debut on the fashion scene by offering the now iconic satchels, proposed from season to season with a brilliant variety of new colors and trendy.

Recently, however, the range of bags Bohemia Design has been enriched to a level more elegant and sophisticated thanks to the beautiful Boho Pop Mini Bags, a new line of bags introduced by the brand for Spring/Summer 2013 through sober and pastel colors. (more…)