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H&M Sport Collection: the focus is on performance, fit and function

hm-sport-collection-new The brand H&M launches and announces an expansion of its sporty collection, H&M Sport, which focuses on performance, fit and functionality. The line will be sold from these days of January 2014. More assortment of new proposals for a larger number of sporting activities, which may accompany the woman, man and children with a more active lifestyle. The new  collection H&M Sport was created in collaboration with top-level professional athletes belonging to the Swedish Olympic team, you bet yes on performance but without giving attention to the fashion trends. H&M Sport will have a dedicated area in a few select stores.

WOMEN – The women‘s collection includes proposals for several sports such as jogging for any kind of weather, with a wind-proof and waterproof jacket and other pieces from running; leaders in quick-dry fabric for the gym; patterns soft and comfortable for activities body and mind like yoga or comfortable fleece jackets and waterproof pants for those who love outdoor sports. The colors range from black to white with shades of gray and fuchsia. See all the heads in the gallery!

MEN – The men’s collection offers garments such as jackets running in printed pattern or color block T-shirt and race. For who goes to the gym you can choose the ideal set, T-shirts, T-shirts for heating, pants and tank tops with a hood. For outdoor activities you can find heat-insulated jackets, basic clothes to wear on the skin and a completely waterproof jacket. For the courts do not lack the indispensable polo shirt and tennis shorts. See all the heads in the gallery!

CHILDREN – A collection for boys and girls of all ages, to play or practice sports. Among the proposals stand out a set of football, track suits, a set of athletic, fashion for tennis and swimming . There is also a full special for dance and a wide range of garments for outdoor sports in any kind of weather. hm-sport-collection-new2 H&M Sport women

H&M Sport men

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