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Donatella Versace never stops: “I don’t know if I was his muse or his disturber”


Donatella Versace does not need any introduction. Especially after the song that her friend Lady Gaga has dedicated to her in the next album “ArtPop” coming out next November. Guest of Il Sole 24 Ore, interviewed by Paola Bottelli, editor in chief of Moda24 and with a very special audience, formed by some young (and potential) managers with many dreams and who are sharing in these months – myself included – a fascinating journey of specialization. Small but explosive, Donatella Versace arrives on time. A very screwed little black dress wraps up her slender silhouette, high heels ton sur ton give her, not just a few more inches, also a determination that only a woman can understand when wearing the fabulous shoes and also gains a few inches (she will has earned as many as 15!). In short, the combination may intimidate anyone, but just a few seconds, a few words to understand how much she and the Versace family have to tell a story and keep writing it.

Self-ironic, funny and direct, Donatella Versace has torn me a smile more when – hearing her speak – I could not help but notice his Calabrian accent, or “reggino”, the same as mine.

The interview begins immediately with an important news  in Versace, which is a hotel in Macau, China.

It will be the first hotel of a Fashion Brand in China, Macau. I wish that the purpose of your trip is this hotel: something has to happen also inside the hotel. It should not be just another hotel. 

An interview with “compelling,” the one with Donatella Versace, which has revealed a curious woman, who never stops to discover the world, open and away from the concept of fashion and creativity of the past: the designer no longer locked in his tower of ivory, but a creative person that comes into contact with the world and brings out great ideas.

A bond, that of Versace, with the revolutionary world of the internet, which sees more and more leaning to a new way of understanding the runways and the same collections. And another link, the one with Lady Gaga, a great friend who dedicated her a song that soon we will discover with the release of her new album.

Last but not least a few questions about her brother Gianni Versace. He calls him “a genius” that perhaps she has not been able to figure out when he was still alive. A teacher for her of life and work, and she made me smile when she said:

“I don’t know if I was his muse or his disturber.”

After the interview, I felt a bit richer than before, thanks to the many mantras that Donatella Versace wanted to share with her young audience, and for that I thank her.

Donatella Versace never stops from SilviaRaffa on Vimeo.

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Donatella Versace

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