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Fake Bags? No, thanks! That’s the whole truth about fake goods (VIDEO)


Fake Bags? No, thanks!
In a world where what appears has become almost more important than the value of each individual person; where being able to display the latest handbag by Chanel or Prada, or of the super glamorous emerging designer (see Paula Cademartori) is essential; and you might goes on in the world of fashion (but not only), it is wrong to think that fake goods are a cheap alternative and without consequences. (more…)

Desigual launches the new provocative spot #falloalmattino (VIDEO)


La Vida es Chula“, which literally means “life is cool“, this is the claim signed Desigual always been a motto that drives us to live and interpret life (and everything that revolves around it, including fashion) with a free, carefree, fun and positive spirit.

For 2013, Desigual launches a new spot located within the campaign #falloalmattino, a provocative spot, sometimes irreverent and free. Desigual calls on all women: what is the first thing you do when you wake up? So here are four beautiful women who just wake up show us how to start their day. (more…)

Miss Vogue launch with Cara Delevingne for the june 2013 cover // All the looks!


It’s the British model Cara Delevingne – the super model that in a single season has racked up more covers worldwide, longed by fashion designers and magazines – to be the cover girl for the debut of Miss Vogue, scheduled for this June 2013 . Miss Vogue is nothing but the teen version of fashion magazine par excellence, VOGUE. For this fresh and young cover, Cara Delevingne posed for the lens of Angelo Pennetta and was dressed by the expert taste of Francesca Burns. (more…)

Welcome THE STYLEPEDIA, your style encyclopedia


THE STYLEPEDIA is online. Discover the new style encyclopedia!

Spring is always the perfect season to launch new projects, to realize those ideas that hung in your head for so long.
Today THE STYLEPEDIA is officially online, with a focus about trends in everything related to fashion, lifestyle, shopping and technology. Do not miss the fabulous world of celebrities and IT-Girls (and IT-bags, too!) of the moment with their in & out in terms of style on the red carpet.

THE STYLEPEDIA* is: (more…)