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November 2013 archive

Must Have Shoes for AW13-14: The Flexx sandwishes, discover the oxfords shoes


Last week I talked about and showed my loafers with tassels of The Flexx, and I had also anticipated that the next post would cover another model of the same Florentine brand who turned out to be a really great discovery. Really! Today we speak of Sandwishes The Flexx, another model of must have shoes that are accompanying my busy days among events, my master and commitments. (more…)

Must Have Shoes for AW13-14: The Flexx memorse, discover the chic loafers


What are the elements that make must-have any shoes? They must be perfect in every detail, possibly comfortable and of high quality. Are there shoes able to combine all of these features into one? The answer is yes. Today we talk about an example of must have shoes: the memorse, the adorable black patent moccasins/loafers signed by the Tuscan brand The Flexx and part of their Fall/Winter collection 2013-2014. (more…)